Saturday, February 5, 2011

Message to the Alumni of Department of English Panjab University, Chandigarh

Hello Friends
Finally, you have your own blog. Yes, the ALUMNI of the Department of English & Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh are now just a click away from each other. Our world is shrinking and so we thought of Networking all of you. And what better way of doing it than creating a blog just for you. A word about why it's called EngALish. I thought of combining two words 'English' and 'Alumni.' Besides, the temptation to subvert the  English language was too strong to be resisted. After all, this is what we must do in our post-colonial era. Isn't it?
So, here is an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Who knows, the next Nobel Prize winner may be there somewhere among you, waiting to be discovered. Don't waste your time in reading my inane statements. Just get down to it and share whatever you wish to: information, news, articles, essays, poems, novels or quite simply, your thoughts. You may use this platform to exchange ideas and views, discuss and debate issues or problems, in short, do everything you can think of, except of course, graffiti.
I'm confident, your contributions shall lend this blog a rare dignity and you shall do all you can to popularize it as well. This is your own platform and we hope and trust, you would first own it up by visiting it as often as you can and then make it into such a creative venture that it ultimately becomes the envy of all ENGLISH DEPARTMENTS in the country.  
With warm regards
Rana Nayar