Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanks to all those who made our Third alumni Meet successful

Dear Alumni  
I would like to thank all the alumni of the department, who took the trouble to attend yesterday's meet. It was wonderful to connect with all of you. It was as though several generations had come together in a space where time had no meaning. Your presence in the meeting gave us a reason to believe that what we are doing in the department is extremely meaningful and purposeful. Seeing the 'stars' of yesteryears perched on top of their  respective professions made us extremely proud of each one of you. This was a source of great inspiration to the middle-level professionals and also a bunch of youngsters who were there. Your memories of the department constitute our history. History is not facts and figures, it's people. You define our history as much as you give us courage to continue with our work.
We hope you would do your utmost to continue your association with the department in more ways than one. It's your department, after all. We would like you to take active part in various activities of the department. Do let us know what all you are doing and how department could help you promote all of it. Do send us suggestions on how we could improve things within the department.
My special thanks to Sanjeev Bariana, Krishan Kant and Rohit Shekhar Sharma, who organized this meet very successfully. You are winners, all of you. Arjan Singh ji, I can never thank you enough. You really worked very hard to make this meet a success.
Rana Nayar    

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